Surprising Realities of Brain Death and Organ Donation: Parts 1 & 2

$ 9.99

The diagnosis of brain death is subjective and often pronounced too quickly. The demand for viable organs for transplant far exceeds the supply. Those two realities are on a collision course with the sanctity of human life. In this episode, Facing Life Head-On visits with people who've witnessed the problems first-hand.

  • Paul Byrne, MD, president of Life Guardian Foundation
  • Jenny Hamann, who husband was pressured to donate her organs--three weeks before she awoke from a coma on her way to full recovery.
  • Theresa Dampf, a nurse who works with transplant patients and describes the misconceptions about what happens when permission for organ donation is given.
  • Angela Clemente, a forensics investigative analyst who advocates for families facing pressure to donate a loved one's organs.
  • Bobby Schindler is the President of the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network. While he believes in the good that can come from organ donation, he cautions people to educate themselves and challenge the brain death diagnosis.

Season 8. Each episode is 22 minutes. DVD or Blu-Ray includes both episodes.

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