Silent No More

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Abortion is often described as an “easy fix,” but there is a growing number of women who say abortion left them with more problems than it solved.

We met four of these women.

Kelly, at age 14, was taken to an abortion clinic five months into her pregnancy. Kathy, a Kentucky mom of two, went through a horrific late-term abortion just after high school graduation. Shari, now an ultrasound technician, sought an abortion shortly after it was legalized in the United States. And, at 16, Georgette experienced abortion alone, telling no one of her decision.

The women say they had no idea what they were in for after the abortions. Each experienced Post Abortion Stress – symptoms that included sorrow at the sight of pregnant women or babies, emotional numbness, anger; guilt and shame, eating disorders, relationship problems, severe depression and suicidal feelings.

All say if they could do it over, they’d choose life for their children.

Season 1. 22 minutes.

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