Protecting Black Life Wristband

$ 1.00

A silicone wristband consisting of colors intended to catch the eye and serve as a catalyst to draw people into dialog as well as a reminder to steer them to Protecting Black Life’s website for further education on the Black abortion issue.

Symbolism behind the four primary colors of the African Kenté

BLACK - symbolizes the color of our skin.

GREEN - symbolizes the color of grass, or the earth, most importantly Africa the Motherland from which we were plucked up from against our wills and brought to America.

RED - symbolizes the color of the blood that was shed in the Middle Passage (i.e., the trip from the Africas to the Americas).

YELLOW - symbolizes the color of the sun, or hope for us to continue the struggle until we all are free. In the case of abortion, the freedom lies in making sure little Black unborn babies safely make it out of the womb to live out their destiny-filled lives.