Operation Frontline

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Our cameras and crew traveled to the most populous city in the United States, the Big Apple.  There, in the heart of the Bronx, we met a team of crisis pregnancy counselors with Expectant Mother Care – a network of centers located throughout New York City. EMC was the first group to open in Manhattan and the only one still operating in The Bronx.

Since abortion kills 125,000 unborn babies in the metropolitan area each year, making it the “Abortion Capitol of America,” the group faces an overwhelming task.

Recognizing the need to be even more available to women struggling with crisis pregnancies, founder Chris Slattery recently launched the City’s first, pro-life mobile ultrasound clinic.  The RV is parked outside major abortion facilities six days a week, offering free ultrasounds and compassionate counseling.

Slattery says the project is gaining widespread attention and huge success in providing hurting women with abortion alternatives.

Season 1. 22 minutes.

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