No Regrets

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This week, we talked with several mothers who, years ago, faced unplanned pregnancies, and, in spite of their circumstances, chose life for their children.

Dee found out she was pregnant as a teenager. Though the situation was less than desirable, she didn’t have an abortion. Instead, she gave life to a baby girl. Tiffany, now in her 20s, is thankful every day for the gift. She has dedicated her life to helping troubled youth. That impact on countless individuals would not have been possible had her mother opted for abortion.

We also met Jo Ann Gerling and two of her daughters, Taryn and Kaylin. Both girls faced unplanned pregnancies – one as college student; the other with a boyfriend who left her. Now more than six years down the road, the two sisters say their unexpected pregnancies resulted in blessings they never imagined.

Season 1. 22 minutes.

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