A Look Back: Season 7

$ 9.99

Season 7 of Facing Life Head-On brought remarkable and heart-warming stories. In this episode, host Brad Mattes revisits these favorites:

A visit to Austin, Texas, where he covered the battle surrounding major pro-life legislation. Dedicated pro-life legislators and staff fought a life-and-death battle to pass a bill that protects Texas unborn babies and their mothers.

A look back at the Sparkle Effect program at Finneytown High School. The Sparkle Cats are an inclusive cheerleading squad who add sparkle to the lives of three very special students.

A return to GEMS support group. GEMS—Giving Each Mother Support—offers encouragement and resources to birth mothers coping with placing their children for adoption.

Brad's once-in-a-lifetime and eye-opening trip to Ethiopia.

Season 7. 22 minutes.

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