Turning Disability Into Opportunity Parts 1 & 2

$ 9.99

Life is momentarily turned upside for families who have a member born with a disability. But these families quickly realize that many blessings come with the unexpected. This week’s guests include:

Chip and Donna Hammond are the parents of 9-year-old Becca who has been battling seizure disorders since she was 8 months old. But Becca’s physical and mental disabilities haven’t kept her from bringing joy and love to her family.

John Seybold wasn’t diagnosed with muscular dystrophy until he was 55 years old, but he pushes himself to remain active and productive.

Aaron Welty was born 10 weeks premature and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. But he didn’t allow his physical limitations keep him from his dream of working on Capitol Hill.

Season 5. Each episode is 22 minutes. DVD includes both episodes.

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