Life's Little Miracle Workers

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When Jacki Rabon learned a terrible automobile accident left her paralyzed, the Illinois teenager thought her life was over. But, a few years later, a groundbreaking medical procedure gave her new hope for the future.

Jacki traveled to Portugal to meet with neurologist Dr. Carlos Lima, the world’s leading pioneer in adult stem cell surgeries. Dr. Lima found that transplanting cells from the patient's nasal passageway to the injured area of the spinal cord successfully rebuilds nerve pathways.

Dr. David Prentice, founding member of Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics, says adult stem cell treatmentlike these continue to be far more beneficial than any that embryonic stem cell research could ever lead to.

Jacki Rabon couldn't agree more. She is one of just 70 people worldwide to undergo this treatment, and today she is walking with the help of leg braces.

Season 1. 22 minutes.

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